Newman Memorial Scholarship Foundation

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The Beginning of the Foundation:

The story is a heart-wrenching one. In June of 2006, Glenn and Lisa Newman’s two beloved sons, Ryan (18 years old) and Brett (15 years old) tragically met the end of their lives in a horrific three-car-head-on collision on one of our county’s most treacherous stretched of highway. Family, friends, and members of the community rallied behind Glenn, Lisa and their daughter Kate, to support and care for them during what undeniably was the most fragile period of their collective lives.
Stunned and awed at the outpouring of support and love from everyone they came in contact with, Glenn and Lisa searched for a way to reciprocate and show their community appreciation, in return. And then it came to them. They had just been living through a season in life with their son, Ryan, where he was preparing for his future. This meant, needing countless necessary funds for moving out and moving on to – college. Glenn and Lisa soon discovered the extraordinary amount of money it would require to send their child off to college and thought if they could some how help defray costs for another child it could help set their lives back in motion, for the good. And so it began. The foundation was realized and their energies were rerouted